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I had a case that was certified to the Grand Jury. When is your docket call so I can set this case for trial?

Montgomery County does not have a "formal docket call." All cases certified to the Grand Jury are "pre-set" for each term of Court. Our term months are January, April, July and October. Our office will contact you prior to the term date to provide a list of available dates from which you may set your case. If your case is pre-set, you will not have to appear on the term date to set your case.

Who do I contact if I have a case in General District Court/Circuit Court that needs to be continued?

General District Court: Please address a continuance letter to the Court and copy our office. All requests for continuance must be filed three days prior to the Court date.

Circuit Court: Please direct your continuance request to the judge and copy our office. If you have spoken with the prosecuting attorney and he/she is in agreement, you may put this in your request.

Who do I contact if I have a revocation hearing that I cannot appear in?

Contact the probation officer to see whether he/she is in agreement and obtain an available Court date. Then contact the Judge in writing, and copy our office.

My client is incarcerated. How do I get him/her transported to Court to trial?

The Commonwealth's Attorney Office prepares transportation orders to transport defendants to court for Circuit Court cases. If your client is incarcerated, it is your responsibility to advise the office with details so that we may prepare a transportation order.

The General District Court clerk’s office prepares transportation orders to transport defendants to General District Court.  If your client is incarcerated, it is your responsibility to advise the clerk’s office with details so that they can prepare a transportation order.

I wish to file a motion on my client's behalf that will require a hearing. How do I proceed?

For Circuit Court cases, you will need to file your motion and then contact our office to schedule a motions hearing. We will work with you and the judge in setting the hearing. For lower court cases, contact the Clerk's Office.

How do I speak with the prosecuting attorney about a possible plea offer?

Please do not wait until the day of Court to approach the prosecuting attorney about a case. Contact this office well in advance of the Court date to discuss any possible offers.

My client is incarcerated for offenses pending in lower court. How do I schedule a bond hearing?

You will need to obtain bond hearing forms from the lower court, then contact the appropriate Clerk's Office and obtain a date for the bond hearing. The Clerk's Office must then fax the notice to our office at least 24 hours in advance.

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