Emergency Medical Transport Costs FAQs 

What are Emergency Medical Transport costs (also known as EMS Revenue Recovery)?

An EMS Revenue Recovery program obtains reimbursement for emergency medical transport costs from insurance providers. Medicaid, Medicare, and most other insurance policies provide standard coverage for this service.

Will I be billed for EMS transport services?

No, your private insurance provider, Medicare, or Medicaid will be billed. County residents will not receive a bill and will not be expected to pay anything out-of-pocket. Non-residents will receive a bill for any amounts not covered by insurance.

Why is Montgomery County doing this?

For many years, the County was able to operate without the need for EMS Revenue Recovery for ambulance transport. In recent years, population growth and expansion have led to a significant increase in service demand. The time and costs associated with training and certifications, as well as the level and scope of services provided by these agencies has also increased. This coupled with inflation over the past several years have greatly increased both capital and operational expenses. EMS Revenue Recovery will help offset these expenses.

Will I be asked to provide my insurance information before being transported?

No, the person being transported will never be asked about insurance coverage or to provide documentation of coverage. If coverage exists, the EMS Revenue Recovery vendor will work with the hospital to obtain that information.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, it’s ok. No person will ever be denied access to EMS care based on their ability to pay. County residents without insurance will not receive a bill, nor be responsible for payment. Non-residents will receive a bill for any amounts not covered by insurance.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover the full expense of the service?

Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurance policies provide standard coverage for ambulance services. County residents will not be expected to pay anything out-of-pocket and copays will be waived. Non-residents will receive a bill for any amounts not covered by insurance.

My insurance company sent me an explanation of benefits (EOB) that says I will be responsible for part of this bill. Is that correct?

An explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company is their way of showing you what they will cover and what you may be asked to pay. Montgomery County does not have any control over whether or not they send you this, but it is not a bill or invoice and you are not expected to pay anything.

What if the ambulance comes but I don’t get transported to the hospital?

Your insurance company will receive a bill only if you are taken to the hospital. If you call for emergency services, but are not transported by ambulance, your insurance company will not receive a bill.


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EMS|MC is the Revenue Recovery vendor for Montgomery County Fire-EMS.

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