Montgomery County Issues Open-Air Burn Ban

by Derley Aguilar | Sep 23, 2019
Effective September 23, 2019, Montgomery County initiates open-air burn ban until further notice.

As of September 23, 2019, Montgomery County has issued an open-air burn ban due to extreme dry conditions, which elevate the risk of fire. Following a steady, saturating rainfall and improved conditions, this ban will be lifted.

Open-air burning includes but is not limited to: campfires, burning of brush from gardens and lawns, and any type burning in a barrel. In addition, residents should be aware that machinery, including lawn mowers and grain harvesting equipment, could cause a spark, or be a source of intense heat, such as a vehicle exhaust system.

With the recent hot temperatures, rainfall has been quickly absorbed and evaporated. It is out of concern for residents’ safety that the open-air burn ban has been initiated.

While some areas in Montgomery County appear green and hydrated, other areas remain dry and at high risk of fire. Even the smallest fire can quickly spread due to the dry conditions. Residents located in and around wooded areas should use extreme caution. Fire spreads rapidly and can consume a significant area in a very short time.

“Residents should be aware of the increased danger for wildfires and take proper precautions,” said Emergency Services Coordinator Neal Turner.

“The burn ban prohibits burning trash or debris and open campfires.”

If you have questions or concerns about the burn ban, contact Emergency Services Coordinator Neal Turner at or your local fire department.