Stormwater management

Streams, lakes and rivers are important in our quality of life. They provide drinking water, recreational activities and support a wide variety of plants, animals and aquatic life. In Montgomery County, many residents benefit from living near a stream, creek or river. When the ground surface becomes saturated from heavy or prolonged rains and is not able to absorb any more water, the excess becomes surface runoff. Impervious surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and building roofs prevent water from seeping into the ground. Runoff is often immediately channeled into storm sewers but all runoff ultimately ends up in streams, creeks, rivers and the ocean.

When stormwater is not absorbed into the ground, the excess water picks up trash, fertilizers, pesticides, oil and other hazardous materials and pollutes these bodies of water. This may make the water unhealthy to drink or use for recreational activities and harm plant and aquatic life.

Construction pollution
Sources of construction and industrial pollution

MS4 permit
Montgomery County is required to have a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit to prevent the discharge of pollutants such as pet waste, trash, engine oil and fertilizers into waterways.

Learn ways to prevent stormwater pollution.

Report stormwater problems
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Stormwater ordinance
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