I am the victim in a case who has medical bills, lost wages, etc. How do I recover these expenses?

Please contact our office and speak with victim/witness. They will assist you with restitution, medical expenses, lost wages, etc. (refer to our victim/witness program).

I was ordered to pay restitution, court costs, etc. and I cannot make any payment or cannot make a regularly scheduled payment. What should I do?

You need to contact the agency handling your probation. If Probation & Parole is handling your probation, contact your probation officer. If you are being supervised through New River Valley Community Corrections, contact that office. If you cannot reach anyone at these offices, contact victim/witness in our office.

I am the victim who is to receive restitution. I am not receiving my restitution payments. Who do I contact?

Please contact the victim/witness assistance program in our office.

How can I be sure that I will be granted the restitution I am entitled to?

Keep complete records. Our victim/witness program determines the amount of restitution in the cases we prosecute. You will need to provide them with complete receipts and/or invoices. If you do not have receipts/invoices, you will need to provide proof of value. For medical matters, you must provide them with all medical bills and insurance statements. You will not receive restitution for bills paid by insurance companies. You will only receive restitution for out-of-pocket bills and deductibles.

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