Plan Review Process


Ensure that all comments have been addressed and any additional items required are included in the submittal package. Resubmittals should include:

  • Departmental applications and checklists (as required)
  • One (1) complete digital submittal of site plan and all supporting documentation
  • Staff will notify the applicant if / when paper copies of the site plan are needed.

Digital resubmittals can be emailed to

Incomplete resubmittal packages, or resubmittals that do not address all comments, may result in delays and/or additional reviews. Montgomery County has a thirty (30) day review policy for resubmitted plans as well.

As of July 1, 2018, Montgomery County has instituted a $100 review fee for each review beyond the second review. If a third submittal is necessary, an additional $100 review fee will be required at the time of submittal.