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Field Revision Policy


Generally, field revision submittals are allowed for site plans that have been approved for less than one year. Submittals will be reviewed within two business days to determine the overall scope of changes and what review(s) will need to take place.

A submittal for field revision may be considered a revised plan if the site plan approval date is more than a year, or if significant changes have been made to the overall approved plan.

Submittals must be accompanied by a written narrative addressing each change, with references to page numbers and subsequent notes added to the plans. All changes must be clouded. The cover sheet should be a copy of the signed/approved plan, with a Field Revision Table (sample provided.) 

Please provide the following when submitting a Field Revision:

Digital copy of all submittal documents, either by emailed link to or USB

  • Extra Plan Review Fee, $100
  • Paper copies, if needed; will be determined by Staff within the 2-day initial review (Additional fees may apply if the submittal is determined to be a Revised Plan instead of a Field Revision)
  • PSA Third Party Review Fee (if applicable)
  • Any field revisions made that will affect Montgomery County Public Service Authority’s approval will require that the third-party review fee be paid prior to approval of the field revisions.

Review comments will be sent to applicant within 30 days from submittal date.

Before field revisions can be approved, the following must be provided:

  • Extra Review fee must be paid.
  • PSA Third Party Review Fee must be paid (if applicable)
  • Applicant must submit:
    • Minimum of five (5) originals of approved set of site plans. One set will be returned to applicant.
    • If additional sets are desired, the desired number of sets should be submitted in addition to the required four (4).
    • Each site plan must be sealed by the engineer. Plans cannot be signed by the County unless they are signed by the applicable engineer.
  • Applicant’s failure to complete all required tasks for approval will result in a delay of signatures.
  • After signed copies have been returned to applicant, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to submit a scanned copy of the signed, final site plan and CADD/GIS files.


Sample: Field Revision Table

Field Revision table