8/8/2017 - Become an Officer of Election

Montgomery County needs you! Support your country while earning a little extra income as an Officer of Elections! If your employer has a community interaction program, you can get paid while volunteering as an Officer of Elections! Ask your Employer today!

Montgomery County pays $150.00 for Election Day plus $25.00 to attend training. We do not utilize split shifts, so your assignment would last the full day (with breaks). Officers of Election must arrive at the polling place by 5:00 am and must stay until all closing tasks have been completed. The polls close at 7:00 pm, and closing tasks usually take about 1 to 1½ hours.

Because Officers are not allowed to leave the polling place during work hours, you must either pack meals or have someone drop off food. Most polling places have access to a refrigerator and microwave. At some locations, the Officers have a pot luck meal which you may participate in if you wish. Once assigned a precinct for work, you’ll be able to contact your Chief Officer for details.

  • Morning tasks include: arranging tables and chairs, hanging signs, and setting up poll books and voting machines
  • During voting hours: Officers work at several positions: Poll book Officer, Ballot Distribution Officer, Marking Booth Officer, and Voting Machine Officer
  • After the polls close: there are several tasks which must be completed before Officers can go home, including completing paperwork, shutting down and packing up the voting equipment, and tidying up the polling space

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