Animal Control

Adopt a Pet

Help save a life by adopting a friend today! Dogs available for adoption can be seen on PetFinder.

Adoption procedures: Adoption fees are $10 for all dogs and prepay spay/neuter (required) is $65 for females and $60 for males. The Montgomery County Animal Control Adoption Agreement requires that any un-neutered or un-spayed dogs must be sterilized within 30 days of adoption. Puppies must be sterilized when they reach six months of age. All dogs must be properly vaccinated for rabies and a license must be obtained.

There are currently no County-provided facilities for cats. All cats must be vaccinated for rabies at four months or older.

Important information: 
Please be advised upon release of your animal to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter or after being held for five days, that animal may be subject to euthanasia.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter does not sell animals for medical research. The 'no pound seizure' law came into effect July 1, 2003.

Dogs and puppies surrendered by owners can be adopted to new owners the same day. Dogs picked up running at large or strays with no identification are held five days, not counting day picked up. Dogs with a collar or other identification are held 10 days, not counting day picked up.

All dogs and puppies four months and older need to have a Montgomery County dog tag, which needs to be purchased every year. The dog tag is your dog's way back home. If the animal shelter receives a dog wearing a tag, they can trace it to the owner.

If your dog is missing, please come by the shelter; it is best to look for yourself and not rely on over-the-phone descriptions. If you find a dog, please call us.