Frequently Asked Questions

County Administration Boards and Commissions

County Administration

What is the role of the County Administrator?
  • The County Administrator guides and directs the day-to-day operations of County government under the authority of the Board of Supervisors and has ultimate responsibility for all phases of local government. The County Administrator is responsible for recommending policies and implementing programs for the Board of Supervisors, and for ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws.
To whom does the County Administrator report?
  • The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and reports directly to the Board. The Board of Supervisors deals with the County Administrator on all matters relating to County government administration.
What are the County Administrator's primary responsibilities?
  • The County Administrator appoints all department heads/directors, and the employees of these departments are responsible to the County Administrator. The County Administrator submits the annual proposed County budget to the Board of Supervisors and makes recommendations to the Board regarding actions and policy decisions.

Boards and Commissions

Where can I find a list and descriptions of the County's boards and commissions? How can I volunteer to serve on a board or commission?
  • When a vacancy comes up on a board or commission, a press release is sent to the newspapers and posted to this web site. The press release announces which board/commission has a vacancy, a short description of the board/commission's function, how to apply and the deadline for applying. Applications will not be accepted unless a vacancy has been announced. 
What are the requirements to serve on a board/commission?
  • Appointees must be registered voters with no delinquent taxes. Interviews and background checks apply to all appointments. Some boards/commissions, such as the Community College Board, the Industrial Development Authority, the Juvenile Detention Commission, ask for specific areas of expertise. 
What are some of the functions of the boards/commissions?
  • Of the nearly 50 volunteer boards, committees, commissions and authorities in the County, the functions vary. For example, the Planning Commission makes recommendations on land use issues such as rezoning, special use permits and the County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan. A description of each board/committee/commission/authority is listed on the Boards, Commissions and Committees page.