Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Frequently asked questions

How do I ask for my case to be continued?

    A Continuance Request Form must be filled out by the party asking for the continuance. You will find this form in the Clerk's Office. The judge will grant or deny the request. You must call the Clerk's Office to inquire of the judge's decision. The request must be made to the court at least 10 days prior to your court date. If made with less than 10 days before your court date, you may need to appear before the judge on your court date to ask for such continuance.

How do I initially get a custody, visitation or support matter in court?

    You must first go to the Court Services Unit (CSU) located on the corner of Radford and Depot Streets in Christiansburg. The phone number is (540) 382-5745. During your visit an intake officer will prepare a petition for custody, visitation or support. The petition is given to the court. A hearing date will be assigned and you will be summons to appear. The process at CSU should take only an hour or less.